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We create websites that turn your visitors into Customers.Discover why Infinite Evolution Media is a leader in digital media.

Who We Are

Infinite Evolution Media was founded with the vision of creating a company that is geared towards not only obtaining web traffic for their clients, but paving a path for success.

Here at Infinite Evolution Media, we assist our clients by integrating technology and expertise to maximize their return on investment of technology costs.

Everything we develop is meticulously thought out with your business in mind. We like to think of it as a collaborative partnership where we’re equally invested to see our client’s vision stand out and evolve in this competitive digital space.


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Our Core Values



We lead with an attitude of thankfulness and find ways to express our gratitude to those around us every day.



We operate with positive assumptions and give the benefit of the doubt, choosing to see the best in ourselves and others.



We take personal responsibility for our actions, apologize when we make mistakes and work to make things right.


Work Ethic

We give our best effort and high-performance expectations. We are organized, proactive, and work with a sense of urgency.


Think Bigger

We strive for continuous improvement and believe that better never stops! We don't take the easy way out. We embrace change and we adapt and overcome.



We seek to build trust and mutual respect by acting with integrity and doing the right thing no matter how difficult.

Don't worry about failure; you only have to be right once.

~ Drew Houston


Computer and web services are a part of our daily lives. We rely on these two things for our livelihood. We cannot finish a school project without a computer, we cannot consistenly market to our customers without a website or the marketing of a website via online marketing or SEO. What good is a great website if no one can find it? Search Engine Optimization is the answer to that. A virus? A failing hard drive? Problems connecting to the internet? We are here to help.

Our sole purpose is to be there for you when you encounter computer repair or web problems at your home, business, or remotely. Our team of computer and web experts can help you fix whatever technical issue you're dealing with. We are NOT robots and believe in the personal interaction to gain the trust and confidence of our clients.

What We Offer

The Infinite Evolution Media Approach

Understand Your Audience

We carefully research your target demographics of potential customers.

Identify the Gap

We analyze the market and competitor websites to discover what is missing.

Facilitate and Collaborate

We work together with you to make sure our designs embody your company and reflect your vision and ideas.

Uncover the Big Idea(s)

Our expert web design team works hard to transform your ideas into reality.

Make It Stick

We fill your website with engaging content that motivates customers to choose YOUR business.

Optimize and Repeat

We don't rest until your website and its content are absolutely flawless in functionality and design.

and more...

Infinite Evolution Media isn't just code and designs. We are also your one stop shop for your company's IT needs. From consulting to business networking, Infinite Evolution Media has you covered.

With more than 16 years in the IT field, our technicians will diagnose the issue, offer feedback to you before proceeding, then fix or replace what's needed. We will take the time to explain what caused the issue, what the fix was, and educate the user(s) on how to avoid the same issue in the future.IT SERVICES

Sick PC? Need some MAC training? Infinite Evolution Media offers PC and MAC repair services for your personal device or for your buiness users.

Infinite Evolution Media replaces hard-drives, laptop screens, keyboards, and all other PC and MAC repairs and upgrades.PC and MAC REPAIR

Drop your phone? OUCH! iPad battery not charging? UGH! Infinite Evolution Media offers mobile device repair.

New screens are expensive even with insurance. Don't trust a kiosk in the mall that replaces your screen in "30 minutes". These "EXPERTS" use cheap parts and materials.
Infinite Evolution Media only uses premium, certified parts.MOBILE DEVICE REPAIR


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